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The Law of Manifestation is a course that helps people understand how to finally manifest. There is a lot of information about the Law of Attraction but no one has a practical plan on how to use the Law of Attraction correctly. This course organizes and guides how to really use the law of attraction.

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This offer is suitable for people who are interested in Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Spiritual, Meditation, Healing, Chakra, Energy.

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Subject Line:


How to manifest abundance in less than 24 hours?

Here's a quick way to manifest

The secret is manifesting everything you want

Email Body:

There is a secret to manifesting money.

But that's not what the gurus of the Law of Attraction tell you ...

A friend of mine found, that there is an unknown little trick that can change everything.

Once you discover this trick you will be able to manifest abundance as easily as a push of a button.

But here's the thing

It does not require hours of positive thinking ...

If you want to find out for yourself how to do it

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Subject Line:


From homeless to a millionaire in less than 6 months

Getting dumped from the apartment made me rich

Email Body:


I could not believe my eyes when I saw his story.

As you can see his landlord threw him into the street

But he did not give up

What he discovered is the secret that each of us has ...

And it controls the abundance we receive

The good news is

You do not have to be thrown out of your apartment to find out

===> John made a video where he reveals all

This secret is so ancient it is a little before 1790 and maybe even before


Some people want to take this video down they do not want people to know what this secret can really do

So if you want to discover what this abundance secret


And how can you start using it as soon as today…


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Subject Line:


The law of attraction works against you?

This manifest secret can attract scarcity OR abundance

Email Body:


The law of attraction can work AGAINST you! - holding you back from living the abundant life you want, need, and deserve.


Or it can work FOR you - unleashing abundance into your life like a massive flowing river.


Cold hard cash, beautiful homes, sexy cars, and exotic trips around the world.


Most people are not aware of it.


That there is something blocking them.


And they use the law of attraction in the wrong way.


That's why the Law of Attraction has not worked for you until now.


If you have not discovered how to manifest an abundant life, do not be too hard on yourself.


It's simply because you have not gone the right way ...




But with this secret it will be like a push of a button.


My friend John told me about this secret.


He had to "go through hell" to discover it.


Including being homeless, divorcing, and leaving his children he loved so much.


His story


And revealed the secret


Was worth the pain and anguish.


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Subject Line:


The “Secret” to Manifest CASH In 23 Hours!

With this secret you will flips Your Abundance like a switch

Email Body:



John had a hard time making money after his wife divorced him.


Especially after the landlord threatened to evict him from the apartment.


After a business trip he discovered a little-known secret that turns scarcity into abundance.


We’re talking about turning on the flow of cold, hard cash…


Being able to manifest $ 1,000, $ 5,000, or even $ 10,000…


Without "working harder" or "grinding to 10X your life."


Activating this secret is simpler and easier than those manifestation gurus want you to believe.


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Subject Line:
2 Angles you can use for this subject line: (1) Wealth (2) Relationship


Wealth Angle:


The morning “secret” ritual to manifest thousands


This morning “secret” ritual can manifest thousands


Relationship Angle:


The morning “secret” ritual to manifest true love


This morning “secret” ritual can manifest true love

Email Body:

Have you tried manifesting abundance with programs like The Law of Attraction?


Didn’t work, did it?


See, there's a reason you have not manifested abundance - yet.


Recent scientific discoveries indicate the true reason it has nothing to do with your willpower or determination.


If you're not manifesting the “life of your dreams” right now…


it's because you're using the law of attraction wrong.


And it's blocking that abundance… even as you read this.


Fortunately, there's a simple morning ritual that can “switch” it so that it works FOR you - not AGAINST you.


Helping you manifest thousands in cold hard cash…


True love…


Or, anything your heart desires.


If you've ever felt like there was a secret force holding you back in your life…


Now’s your chance to do something about it.


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Manifest A Financial Blessing In 24 HOURS!


Ex Homeless Reveals “24 Hour” Money Manifestation Secret




If you’re struggling paycheck to paycheck ... or feel trapped under a growing mountain of debt ...


There's no need to worry any longer because the guarding angel has got your back!


Starting in the next 24 hours after seeing this video, you WILL receive a financial blessing in your life ...


I’m talking about receiving $ 500.00 ... $ 1,000.00 ... even up to $ 10,000.00 in beautiful, spendable cash!


Go Here Now To Activate This AWESOME 24 Hour




P.S. This video is unlike ANYTHING you've used to seeing.


It's not from some big name celebrity teacher or guru ... BUT it comes from one of the last places you'd ever expect ...


A mysterious "Ex Homeless Guardian Angel."


Go here now & attract money into your life starting in the next 24 hours!

Subject Line:

😮 [FIRST NAME], are you struggling right now?


Does [FIRST NAME] need help with 💰?


What to do when 🦠 = 🚫💰, [FIRST NAME]...

Email Body:
I do not know about you, but a lot of people I know have really been struggling financially because of this weird virus on our planet.
I just read this amazing (and weird) story that I believe is the answer you have been waiting for to turn your financial situation around…
The story of a divorced homeless man ..
John really struggled to make ends meet after his divorce, [FIRST NAME] ...
He had hit rock bottom.
And he felt stuck. And depressed. And hopeless.
But… he found the answer on how to get unstuck.
And be happy and hopeful again.
And he now lives a life filled with financial abundance where manifestation is super simple and easy.
And he uncovered the hidden key to unlock that abundance on a journey halfway around the world ...
That’s where he uncovered a powerful tool that transforms scarcity into abundance.
We’re talking about turning on the flow of endless financial abundance…
Wouldn’t you love to be able to simply and easily…
Pay off ALL your debt?
Buy your favorite car with cash?
And move into your gorgeous dream home with zero mortgage?
Without “working harder” or spending years trying to figure it all out?
Want to know what’s crazy, [FIRST NAME]?
He discovered this ancient hidden key ...
It's definitely a weird story, but it's also incredibly inspiring ...
==> Reveal Your Hidden Abundance Key Now
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Subject Line:

What is the difference between manifestation and Attraction?


Manifestation VS Attraction What is the difference?
Email Body:


Everyone knows the Law of Attraction only works for about 1% who try it.


Have you noticed those manifestation goo-roos never tell you that when they’re selling you their L.O.A. course?


This can leave you frustrated, still sinking in crippling scarcity, and thinking,


"What's wrong with ME?"


This - was John EXACT problem.


But it turns out, getting dumped by the landlord ended up working faster and better than the Law of Attraction ever could.


In fact, it made John rich.




I could not believe my eyes when first I saw his story.


He discovered is that there's a secret that's inside ALL of US.


And this one switch controls the "energy of abundance."


It can keep you mired in the quicksand of scarcity…


Or this switch can unlock unlimited abundance and riches untold.


The good news is you do not have to be homeless or travel halfway around the world to discover how simple it is to use.


==> John made THIS VIDEO where he reveals all.


What’s cool is this secret switch isn’t just some kind of “woo woo” mumbo jumbo.


And there's a crazy ancient prophecy that foretold this secret - 1,790 years ago.


Some people want to take this video down they do not want people to know what this secret can really do

So if you want to discover what this abundance secret is…


And how can you start using it as soon as today…


Then click here right now.


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